IPI sued by Italian construction firm for breach of contract

IPI is facing multiple legal issues for failing to comply with contracts.
IPI is facing multiple legal issues for failing to comply with contracts.

Modica Pro Limited is seeking US$2.6m in damages from Imperial Pacific International LLC for breach of construction contracts.

Northern Mariana Islands.- IPI faces yet another legal conflict. The Italian construction firm Modica Pro Limited, which was hired by IPI to complete the interior fit-out of level 14 of its casino complex in Garapan, is suing the company for breach of construction and employment contracts.

According to the suit, Modica principal Corrado Modica and project manager Glenn Patrick Bell entered into employment contracts with IPI to supplement a construction contract between Modica Pro and IPI. It’s alleged that the original price of the construction contract was US$2m, of which the first $200,000 was paid, and that the contract provided for progress payments and payments for additional work.

The plaintiffs claim they’re owned US$2.6m in damages, plus interest and attorney’s fees. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiffs “have made good faith efforts to resolve this dispute before filing the lawsuit.”

A week ago, the US Marshals Service seized $9,386.66 from IPI‘s Saipan bank account by writ of execution in order to comply with a judgment on behalf of Red Coral Corporation, which had sued IPI for failing to pay leases on a 20-unit apartment complex between January 2019 and August 2019.

CNMI court rejects IPI appeal against gaming licence suspension

The Supreme Court of the Northern Mariana Islands has rejected an appeal by casino operator Imperial Pacific International Holdings against the suspension of its gaming licence in Saipan. Superior Court associate judge Wesley Bogdan has upheld the Commonwealth Casino Commission’s decision to suspend IPI’s casino licence and impose penalties.

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