IPI faces another legal complaint

IPI faces another legal complaint

A former plaintiff says the company has failed to fulfil an agreed settlement.

Northern Mariana Islands.- Imperial Pacific International faces yet more legal woes.

An engineering firm with whom it reached a legal settlement in March says the Saipan casino operator has failed to comply with the agreement.

Geo Testing Inc. had sued IPI for US$454,934 in damages and interest over unpaid work.

The companies reached a settlement for a lower amount and IPI made an initial payment of US$50,000, which was to be followed by monthly payments.

Now Geo Testing is asking the Northern Marianas Island’s Superior Court to intevene and enforce the settlement, claiming that IPI has not made any of the monthy payments that were agreed in March.

The firm’s legal representative says the unpaid debt of US$129,035 has accumulated 9 per cent interest, and that now IPI now owes Geo Testing $130,911, accruing interest of $31.81 per day until the amount outstanding is paid in full. 

IPI is also facing claims for outstanding debts of over US$9 million from the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands itself and for over US$5 million from Pacific Rim.  

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