Indian state of Punjab bans online lottery

Indian state of Punjab bans online lottery

Punjab authorities block all forms of online lottery ticket sales in the state.

India.- The government of the Indian state of Punjab has banned all forms of online lottery. The measure covers Indian lotteries as well as overseas lottery brands active in the state. 

According to the New Indian Express, a government spokesperson talked to the press after a cabinet meeting in Punjab, and said the ban would help to curb the sale of illegal lotteries in the state.

The also said the ban would help to boost the state’s revenue and non-revenue collections from lottery sales.

The ban, which was approved on Friday, is already being enforced and covers the sale of computerized and online lotteries through vending machines, terminals, and electronic machines.

It also covers online tickets which are sold, organized, conducted or promoted through the internet by any state within the Indian territory or by a foreign country.

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