India: 8 arrested for betting on cricket match

Those arrested were found betting using an app.
Those arrested were found betting using an app.

Police in Nerul arrested eight people during a cricket match after they were found to be betting through an app.

India.- Police in Nerul have arrested eight people for allegedly betting illegally through an app during a Gujarat Titans and Punjab Kings Eleven cricket match on Tuesday. Those arrested are aged between 23 to 38. Police seized mobile phones and other items worth Rs 2.9 lakhs.

In recent weeks, several operations have targeted illegal betting on cricket matches. Police in Hyderabad city arrested five people who were allegedly involved in betting, including the owner of a casino in Panjim, Goa who was said to be the main organiser.

Previously, police in New Delhi arrested three people who were allegedly betting online on a match between Rajasthan Royals and Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Cricket remains India’s most popular sport. There is a huge underground cricket betting market said to be worth between US$45bn and US$150bn a year. Around 80 per cent of illegal sports betting in India is on Cricket.

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