India: 22 arrested for illegal gambling

Police carried out a raid at a house in Adhaura village.
Police carried out a raid at a house in Adhaura village.

Police in India have dismantled an alleged illegal gambling hub at a house in Adhaura village in the district of Garhwa.

India.- Garhwa Regional Police have smashed what was allegedly a large gambling operation at a house in Adhaura village. Police arrested 22 people in a raid on a semi-finished house in Birendra Singh and claim to have arrested the men while gambling.

Officers said that preliminary investigations revealed that the gambling hub had been operating in the village for the twenty days. Police said all the accused were arrested under IPC Sections 188, 269, 270, 290, 34 and Section 11 of the Gambling and 51DM Act.

During the raid, police seized mobile phones, bicycles, money and two open playing cards.

A week ago, the superintendent of police (SP) Siddharth Kaushal reported that police dismantled 52 arenas readied for cockfights in various parts of the district. As part of the precautionary measures, police conducted raids on gambling and cockfighting venues from January 1 to 12. A total of 1,423 cases were registered and 2,896 were detained.

Last December, Delhi police arrested 16 people including three chartered accountants in a raid on an alleged illegal gambling operation.

According to reports, whistleblowers had informed police about the gambling ring in the South Delhi area. During the raid, police seized money, playing chips and playing bricks.

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