India: 19 arrested for alleged online gambling scam

During the raid, police seized ₹5 crore (US$7.5M) in assets.
During the raid, police seized ₹5 crore (US$7.5M) in assets.

Police in Andhra Pradesh say the operation was disguised as an online grocery business.

India.- Police in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, say they have dismantled an illegal online gaming and betting scam that was allegedly operating under the disguise of an online grocery business in a rented house. The raid resulted in the arrest of 19 people.

Police commissioner C.M. Trivikarama Varma said police had written to 14 banks to freeze ₹5 crore (US$7.5m) in 71 bank accounts. Police seized 53 mobile phones and seven laptops.

According to Varma, people registering on the platform paid a registration fee and received an ID and password. App developers would offer additional funds as gifts to encourage users to invest more money. However, at a certain point, when the investment amount became substantial, the accused would block the user, leaving them unable to access their funds.

According to The Hindu, police have urged anyone who may have fallen victim to such online applications in Visakhapatnam and surrounding areas to report their experiences.

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