India: 18 arrested in connection with alleged betting on cricket matches

Police confiscated cash and mobile phones.
Police confiscated cash and mobile phones.

The arrests were made in Bengaluru.

India.- Police in Karnataka have reportedly arrested 18 people in Bengaluru for alleged betting on cricket. Officers seized Rs 4,68,200 in cash and 17 mobile phones. Further investigation is underway.

Last month, the Central Crime Bureau (CCB) had arrested a 35-year-old man for allegedly betting on a T20 World Cup match between India and Australia. According to The Hindustan Times, ₹3.06 lakh in cash and a mobile phone were confiscated.

Elsewhere, police arrested four people for allegedly taking bets on the cricket T20 World Cup first-round match between West Indies and Zimbabwe. The accused were charged under the Gaming Act. Arrests for cricket betting are fairly common in India. So far this year, Police in Delhi have arrested 3,502 people in 1,489 raids related to illegal gambling. 

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