Hong Kong: 22 arrested for illegal gambling

Police carried out a raid at an industrial building in Tsuen Wan.
Police carried out a raid at an industrial building in Tsuen Wan.

Six men and 16 women were found playing mahjong at a unit in an industrial building.

Hong Kong.- Some 22 people have been arrested in a raid conducted by Hong Kong police at an industrial building on Wang Lung Street in Tsuen Wan. Police found six men and 16 women, aged 30 to 64, who were playing mahjong.

During the raid, officers seized eight automatic mahjong tables and other gambling paraphernalia, along with cash. One of the women was suspected to be the leader of the gambling establishment, while the others were detained for alleged unlawful gambling.

In Hong Kong, gambling in illegal venues carries a maximum penalty of nine months in prison and a fine of HK$30,000. Operating a casino carries a maximum sentence of seven years in prison and a fine of HK$5 million.

Police said all 22 suspects were fined HK$5,000 for breaking social distancing rules, which prohibit gatherings of more than two people. Police are urging the public to observe social distancing and minimise the risk of community spread of Covid-19.

Hong Kong: illegal gambling sites promoting activities on social media

The Asian Racing Federation has said that illegal betting sites are increasingly using social media to spam potential bettors in Hong Kong, increasing the risk of gambling harm amount younger audiences. According to Douglas Robinson and James Porteous, the most commonly used app is WhatsApp, but other social media platforms are also being used.

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