Hokkaido back in Japan IR race

Hokkaido back in Japan IR race

Prefecture considers including operating expenses in general accounting budget for a future IR bid.

Japan.- Although the Governor of Hokkaido, Naomichi Suzuki, confirmed in December that the prefecture would not launch IR bid, the jurisdiction has performed a u-turn.

Despite his announcement last year, Suzuki has said he will push for an IR in his prefecture and will fight for one of the three licences up for grabs.

“We will make the necessary preparations so we are ready for the challenge when the time comes,” the governor said.

Hokkaido is considering including operating expenses in the general accounting budget for a future IR bid, putting the prefecture very much back in the race.

Suzuki is not the only one to talk about Hokkaido’s change of plan. According to Inside Asian Gaming, Hard Rock Japan’s Ado Machida also confirmed its intention to secure a licence. “We will continue to do our best to promote an IR bid for Hokkaido.”

The candidate site, Tomakomai City, hopes developing an IR will attract foreign visitors by utilizing the area’s natural tourist resources. The city has also promised to conduct its own independent environmental survey.

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