CNMI Court deems IPI to be in default again

USA Fanter brought a case against IPI for failing to pay on contracts.
USA Fanter brought a case against IPI for failing to pay on contracts.

IPI’s answer in a lawsuit brought by USA Fanter Corporation has been struck by the federal court.

Northern Mariana Islands.- Chief Justice Ramona Manglona has found Imperial Pacific International to be in default in relation to a $200,000 claim for breach of contract brought by USA Fanter Corporation.

Manglona stated: “IPI has not demonstrated any good faith for its failure to comply with the court’s discovery order. To avoid the unnecessary expense and burden of a trial without IPI having an attorney to defend itself, the court determines that sanctions are appropriate.”

USA Fanter accused IPI of failing to pay leases for the provision of construction services, construction contracts, quarry products and heavy equipment rents. The company also sued IPI for failure to pay for labour and materials provided to improve IPI’s real estate.

Manglona has recently approved a request from IPI’s receiver Clear Management to sell IPI gaming equipment worth $410,000. According to Mariana’s Variety, IPI’s casino equipment sales to date have totalled $711,600.

There are 21 other pending cases against IPI. The company, however, claims that it could resume operations at its casino in Saipan in the first quarter of 2023 if it can reach an agreement with the Commonwealth Casino Commission (CCC). IPI has asked for the dismissal of the ongoing CNMI Supreme Court case and the CCC order that resulted in the suspension of its casino operations.

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