Chinese Govt cracks down on illegal online gambling

Chinese authorities to bolster gambling fight
Chinese authorities to bolster gambling fight

Ministry of Public Security intensifying efforts to stop illegal online gambling during Covid-19 outbreak.

China.- The Chinese Ministry of Public security will intensify its crackdown on illegal online gambling, as well as telecom and internet fraud, which has increased during the Coronavirus pandemic.

As well as the companies directly involved in the illegal activity, the Ministry said it will also target those providing guidance, technical support and payment transfers or settlement services.

Authorities warned that it is illegal to take part in any cross-border online gambling activities and called for local customers to make sure they stay away from such services.

The Ministry also urged Chinese nationals to stay watchful for the growing number of online and telecom frauds taking place during social isolation and lockdown situations.

Authorities have reiterated their commitment to impose strict law enforcement on everyone who is taking advantage of such cross-border gambling services and generating money from local customers.

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