China: 14 repatriated for cross-border gambling crimes

Those arrested were repatriated to China.
Those arrested were repatriated to China.

The Chinese citizens, who were suspected of cross-border gambling and telecommunication fraud, have been arrested and sent back to the country.

China.- Authorities in China have reported that 14 Chinese citizens with a Red Notice from Interpol were arrested on accusations of cross-border gambling crimes. They have been repatriated and are being detained in isolation following Covid-19 rules.

According to Global Times, the public security forces will conduct further investigations. The repatriation comes amid China’s crackdown on cross-border gambling syndicates, which caused many gangs engaged in gambling fraud to flee to other countries.

China’s Global Times has reported that from 2020 to October this year, Chinese authorities have investigated more than 30,000 cross-border gambling cases. It reported that more than 160,000 suspects have been detained

It said enforcement actions had led to the closure of 5,100 “gambling platforms” and 3,900 “illegal payment platforms” and underground banks, “effectively curbing the rampant trend of cross-border gambling.”

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