CCC posts revenue of $15,001 for fiscal year 2022

The regulator is down to just 10 employees.
The regulator is down to just 10 employees.

The regulator saw limited revenue due to IPI’s failure to pay its fees.

Northern Mariana Islands.- The Commonwealth Casino Commission (CCC) has reported that its revenue for the fiscal year 2022 was $15,001. One dollar was the commission’s share of CNMI revenue appropriated from the general fund, while $15,000 was the “other regulatory fee” paid by casino operator Imperial Pacific International’s vendors and service providers.

That group includes IPWAN Security Services, the company that provides the security staff for IPI’s warehouses in Chalan Piao and Tanapag. However, according to Mariana’s Variety, it ceased providing services to IPI on October 24 due to unpaid services and wages.

The CCC reported it spent a total of $1,016,613: $561,795 in employee salaries and benefits, $277,461 in executive compensation, $53,240 in operating expenses, $120,000 in office rent, and $9,117 in travel expenses. From an original team of 50, the regulator currently has just 10 employees left, in addition to the commissioners.

In August, Commonwealth Casino Commissioner Martin Mendiola said the regulator was “at the finish line of its budget” due to IPI’s failure to pay its licence fees. A week ago, the CCC filed a notice of appeal, against a preliminary injunction preventing the regulator from revoking the operator’s casino licence. The appeal was made through assistant attorneys General Keisha Blaise and Alison Nelson.

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