Australian gambling companies now support credit card ban

Gambling companies have changed their minds on the measure.
Gambling companies have changed their minds on the measure.

Australian‑licensed wagering providers who previously criticised a proposal to ban credit card gambling now support the measure.

Australia.- Sports betting operators in Australia have now promised to support changes to the Interactive Gambling Amendment Act 2017 to ban credit card spending on online gambling.

In May, members of Responsible Wagering Australia (RWA), an independent trade advocacy body for Australian‑licensed wagering providers, came out against the proposal. The companies claimed there was no evidence of a relationship between using credit cards for online betting and gambling problems.

At the time, companies said a ban on credit cards could lead to an increase in overseas gambling platforms that offered their services illegally to local customers.

However, the companies have now said they will develop a technical solution to introduce the change. They’ve sought the assistance of the largest banks and payment processing operators in Australia.

Queensland MP Andrew Wallace, who is one of the main promoters of the ban on credit cards, said in March that his proposal had the support of Australia’s biggest banks.

He argued that “the high interest rates and a high chance of loss could result in serious gambling-related harm for many people and families in Australia.”

Tabcorp has said that it won’t oppose the implementation of a ban on credit cards for online gambling in Australia as long as customers could still buy lottery tickets at shops and newsagents. The company said the measure would need at least a year to be implemented to allow the industry time to adapt to the changes.

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