Australia launched gambling regulation training program

Australia launched gambling regulation training program

Two Australian agencies launched a program for responsible gambling, aiming to introduce more responsible gambling practices for businesses.

Australia.- Liquor & Gaming New South Wales teamed up with the International Center for Gaming Regulation at the University of Nevada . Through knowledge and information sharing, entities hoped to improve responsible gambling practices in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

The agencies asked for feedback from other gambling agencies and government regulator to understand the most prominent topics to tackle. Information on ways gambling businesses could work on practices for more responsible gaming was the common answer – self-banning, addiction recovery and awareness, fraud, and company policy.

Participants expressed their wishes for a closer dialogue, hoping companies and gambling regulators can work together to make gambling safer. No official agreements were signed. However, if this will be the case, there may be more regulation in the future, but also more cooperation.

This collaboration seems to signal a shift in the mindset of companies in the Asia-Pacific region. Companies are choosing to practice good corporate responsibility rather than railing against restrictions.

In Australia, there have been increasingly strident calls for a change in the country’s gambling laws. And several states have become more and more focused on the notion of responsible gambling.

Australians lose more money gambling than any other country. Researchers say Australians lose an average of € 14,6 billion a year to gambling. If we divided this grand total by Australia’s population that accounts for € 820 per capita. Gambling losses for Australians are double the losses of gamblers in the United States. And they lose twice as much money as their next closest competitors, Singaporeans.

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