Australia: ACMA to develop gambling self-exclusion register

Australia has one of the highest rates of gambling in the world.
Australia has one of the highest rates of gambling in the world.

The Australian authority ACMA will develop a National Self-Exclusion Register to let people self-exclude from all licensed interactive gaming providers in a single process.

Australia.- In another step to help people who are dealing with gambling addiction problems, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has announced that it has engaged Engine Australia to develop a National Self-Exclusion Register.

Players will be able to exclude from licensed online and telephone betting services for three months or permanently.

According to ACMA, providers will be prohibited from directly advertising and promoting to any self-excluded person.

Nerida O’Loughlin, ACMA chair, said: “The register will make a difference for people who want help changing their gambling habits and will complement existing consumer protection measures.

“If you choose to self-exclude, this register will ensure your account is closed, your money returned, and no further advertising or promotion activity will be directed your way.

She said that ACMA will engage the interactive wagering industry on the design of the system and the rules around the operation of the register.

The regulator will also work with consumers and advocacy groups to ensure that the register meets the needs of users, and will put in place robust privacy safeguards.

Engine Australia will start developing the system, which is expected to be tested later this year and launched by mid-2022.

In other responsible gambling measures, The South Australian government has approved eight facial recognition systems for testing. The technology will be tested for use to help venues identify gamblers who have been banned as part of their responsible gaming requirements.

The South Australian Consumer and Business Services (CBS) said gambling venues must notify gamblers that a record of their facial image will be made through the new facial recognition system.

Among other reforms in South Australia, authorities have introduced rules on the way that gambling products and activities may be advertised in direct communications to customers and times of day when gambling advertising is permitted on radio or television.

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