Aristocrat suspends internal travel in Asia

Aristocrat suspends internal travel in Asia

Aristocrat, the slot machine giant, is not allowing staff to travel throughout Asia in response to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Australia: As a measure to contain the Coronavirus outbreak, global slot machine company, Aristocrat Leisure, has decided to suspend all staff travel throughout Asia.

According to the CEO and Managing Director, Trevor Croker, the company does not expect more disruptions in its operations because of the epidemic.

“Aristocrat has no direct operations in mainland China and relatively small exposure to the Asian region generally,” Croker told shareholders at the company’s Annual General Meeting this week.

“However, we have been closely monitoring developments with a focus on our people, customers and supply chain. We have temporarily suspended travel in the region, and are supporting our staff in Macau and Hong Kong. We are also proactively monitoring and managing potential supply chain impacts. At this stage we do not foresee any material adverse impacts on our business, but we will keep the market updated as appropriate”, he explained.

Aristocrat is coming off another record year in 2019, with revenue rising 22.7% to AU$4.4 billion (€2.7 billion) and profit by 22.6% to AU$894.4 million (€549.3 million).

“We expect continued growth over the 2020 fiscal full year”, the CEO said.

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