Akimoto makes first public appearance since jail release

Akimoto makes first public appearance since jail release

Japanese politician was jailed over casino bribery accusations last month and was released on bail

Japan.- Politician Tsukasa Akimoto, who was released from jail after paying bail of JPY 30 million (US$273,000) following accusations of bribery, will hold a lunch study session later this month.

According to Kyodo News, this will be the first time Akimoto has made a public appearance since his release.

“Finally, Mr Akimoto has returned and resumed his political activities. He is ready to get back to work,” Akimoto’s supporter group said in a statement.

Akimoto was accused of having received more than $13,000 worth of bribes and travel expenses from online casino operator 500.com, including flying by private jet to Macau in December 2017 when he visited a casino.

The accusations come on top of a previously alleged $18,000 he received for giving a lecture at a symposium hosted by the firm in Okinawa in September of that year, paid to him via a consultancy company established in Tokyo by the former Policy Secretary.

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