After 14 months, the NagaWorld labour dispute remains unresolved

NagaWorld employees went on strike on December 18 2021.
NagaWorld employees went on strike on December 18 2021.

The labour ministry is being urged to end its role as mediator and use legal mechanisms through the International Labor Organization convention.

Cambodia.- After 14 months, the labour dispute between NagaWorld and former employees remains unresolved. Civil society bodies have now called on Cambodia’s Ministry of Labour to end its role as a mediator to allow the use of legal mechanisms under the International Labour Organization (ILO) convention. 

NagaWorld employees began their strike on December 18 2021 in protest against NagaCorp’s layoffs and pay cuts that aimed to improve cost efficiency due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Ministry of Labour has been mediating negotiations between the parties but without success. Workers continue to demand the reinstatement of their positions, demands the company is unwilling to accept. 

The ministry has said that if the dispute cannot be resolved by mediation, the case will be referred to court. However, the delay is affecting the livelihoods of the protesters, many of whom have been forced to accept compensation packages offered by the company to meet living expenses.

According to the government, as of January 11, 255 of 373 former employees have accepted seniority payments to put an end to their employment contracts. However, 118 employees still refused to accept the payments.

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