ACMA to examine social casinos in 2022–23 research programme

Six research projects have been announced.
Six research projects have been announced.

Research will examine the take-up of social casinos in Australia.

Australia.- The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has released details of its 2022–23 research programme. Among the projects included is a project to look into the use of social casinos.

Social casino games are often free to play on mobile apps and aren’t classed as gambling because players don’t wager real money. However, most apps allow users to purchase virtual tokens, and there are concerns that social casino games could become a gateway for casual gamblers to real money gambling.

According to the regulator, the research “will examine the take up and usage of social casinos in Australia along with developments in international regulatory approaches.”

Each year the ACMA examines a range of issues across Australian media and communications to get a picture of how current and future developments may impact its regulatory role. The 2022-23 programme will continue an annual series of interactive reports and research snapshots for Australian communications and media.

Other projects included are:

  • consumer experiences with the captioning quality
  • digital platforms reports and complaints research
  • research to support the Telecommunications Consumer Protection (TCP) Code review
  • emerging tech paper – metaverse
  • market studies – Communications supply chain and deployment of 5G private networks.
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