“We are almost ready to enter the European market”

(Exclusive interview).- Sirplay seems to be close to expand its borders after ICE Totally Gaming.

After the feedback received at ICE Totally Gaming earlier in February from both clients and non-clients, Sirplay analyses its position in markets around the world. Bart Esposito, company CEO, talked with Focus Gaming News about its upcoming plans and strategies.

As Sirplay assured, the attendee’s feedback is crucial for the company’s development. What were the results of this year’s ICE experience?

Well, I think we can all agree on saying that the feedback from the public is fundamental for any occasion. At ICE Totally Gaming we had the opportunity to talk with many existing and potential clients, having the response from the ones who already tried our products and the ones who want to fulfil their own needs. Both these opinions and requests gave the company the chance to listen and reply in the concrete. Any company should do it to keep improving itself, shouldn’t it?

How does the company assess its position in the European market after the biggest event of the year?

Sirplay is going to keep its business plan towards the Latin American market, but the big response had at ICE surely made us understand that we are almost ready to enter the European Market. That’s a big challenge we want to face at our best so at due time.

ICE Totally Gaming always highlights the current issues for the gaming industry. As technology updates the services faster than the legislations are approved, how is Sirplay evaluating the current industry? And what was the response at ICE of its latest innovation such as bitcoin implementation?

Of course, Sirplay has to think constantly both at technology and legislations. Thinking to one of them separately from the other would mean design an unmarketable product. Obviously, the legislation topic is clearly very relative since it changes from a Country to another. That’s why we always try to merge the new technologies with the legislations of the market we are interested in, releasing only regulated products. Our bitcoin implementation, for instance, received a big interest from many of the ICE’s attendants that were also confused about the legislation’s restrictions in their respective countries.

Which markets showed special interest in the developing of legal sports betting and daily fantasy sports sectors?

We received a surprising interest from the East European market, like Ukraine, Bulgaria, Georgia and Armenia. Of course, there was no lack of international leads for instance from Nigeria and – in general – from Asia, even if the biggest feedback came from Latin American
thanks to the recent GLI certification obtained in the Colombian jurisdiction. Last year Sirplay obtained great results and kept its leading position in the global market.

What are this year’s plans for Sirplay internationally?

This year we’ll keep our attention to the Latin American market, starting watching the Asian one, too. We are working hard to release the new version of our sports betting software within the end of the year, but that doesn’t mean we will forget the specific needs of our customers in the meantime, on the contrary!