After 40 years, Maharashtra prepares for casinos

The Indian state of Maharashtra could enforce an act passed in 1976 to legalise casinos.

India.- The Maharashtra’s home department is reported to be studying gaming and casino laws applicable in Goa and Sikkim, before a final deliberation takes place in order to decide on notifying the pending Maharashtra Casinos (Control and Tax) Act, dated from 1976.

According to the reports, officials are calling representatives from all stakeholders, such as  the law, tourism, home, and revenue departments, to reach a decision on legalising casinos by notifying the act.

Near 40  years ago, back in July 1976, the Maharashtra Casinos (Control and Tax) Act was passed by the Legislative Assembly and published in the government gazette. However it was never notified, therefore the casino industry never blossomed.

Now, following a petition challenging the government delay, the Bombay High Court had directed the government to notify the pending legislation. Moreover, the High Court has also identify several locations across Maharashtra were casinos could be developed.