Martha’s Vineyard casino could never happen

Martha’s Vineyard casino construction has been halted.
Martha’s Vineyard casino construction has been halted.

The Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head proposed a Martha’s Vineyard casino and has been pushing for it for years, but it just might never get to develop it.

US.- The Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head planned to set a casino in Martha’s Vineyard but that might never happen. A battle with local officials and residents has delayed the venue for years and the tribe is facing a crippling delay. A judge ruled that, until all related legal disputes are set, the project must be completely halted.

Massachusetts Federal Judge F. Dennis Saylor ruled the tribe needs to adhere to the local permitting process. That’s why it must stop developing its casino in Martha’s Vineyard.

Back in June, Saylor stated: “The tribe must comply with any rules and regulations – such as obtaining a building permit and demonstrating that the construction complies with applicable codes – that are applicable generally to the construction of any similar commercial facility in the town of Aquinnah.”

Even as the tribe appealed the decision, Saylor answered that the tribe has not been able to show that it has been treated unfairly by local authorities and adds, “If construction proceeds subject to normal permitting processes, the resulting facility presumably will be in full compliance with the safety, health, environmental, and other requirements of the town and the Commonwealth.”

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