Indiana passes casino bill

Indiana passes casino bill

Indiana casinos may move onto land soon.

Senate Bill 552 has passed in Indiana and a casino in Terre Haute is closer than ever.

US.- A bill to move Indiana casinos to land has passed in Indiana and is closer to be enforced. Senate Bill 552 cleared the state House and will now move onto a committee before being enforced.

More than 70 representatives voted in favour of the bill, which will now go to a conference committee. Democrats and Republicans from both houses will make up this committee.

The bill would legalise sports wagering in Indiana and allow casinos in Gary, Indiana along Lake Michigan to move inland.

“It’s the ‘how’ that this process will have to figure out. I think everyone knows we want to help Terre Haute, we want to help Gary. Let’s figure out how to do that,” State Senator Jon Ford said.

Gary Mayor is optimistic

Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson is optimistic about its chances. “We know that there will be changes to the bill,” Gary Mayor said.

A US$100 million fee was introduced by the Public Policy Committee, and might mean a new hurdle for the bill. It is set on a potential new casino that operator Spectacle -set to buy the venue- might want to build near the Borman Expressway.

Mayor Freeman-Wilson remains concerned about the fee and what it means for property rights. She added that it is important people feel secure with items they believe is their property.

“We’re not trying to build Gary on the back of any community,” she assured. “The good news for us is that the bill is moving,” Freeman-Wilson added.

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