Why is online gambling so popular in Australia?

Why is online gambling so popular in Australia?

Online gambling in Australia has grown exponentially not only because of the ability to play from anywhere at any time but also because of its potential prizes.

Australia.- Gambling is big in Australia. In fact, the country is reported to have the highest rate of gambling in the world.

Australia has several land-based casinos, but due to the Covid-19 pandemicplayers have turned to online gambling in huge numbers.

According to AlphaBeta, there was a 67 per cent increase in online gambling in Australia between March and April 2020, despite the activity being unlicensed.

According to the 2001 Interactive Gambling Act, it is illegal for local and offshore online casino operators to offer their services to consumers in Australian territory, but for customers, it’s not illegal to play at online casinos in Australia.

The pros of online gambling

While many players enjoy the atmosphere that surrounds land-based casinos, online gambling allows gamblers to experience the adrenaline of poker or roulette from the comfort of home, on their smartphones or computers.

The main advantage is that online casinos are always open and accessible, from everywhere. Gamblers do not have to wait to play blackjack or their favourite slot game, and they do not have to stand in line to collect their chips.

All people need is a smartphone, a tablet or a computer. If they want to play for real money an Internet connection will be needed, but if they only want to practice they can also enjoy offline gambling games.

The importance of gambling on a safe platform

With the advent of online gambling, several scam sites have appeared. It is very important to check that the site or app has accreditation.

If there are doubts, it can be useful to read the reviews and experiences of other players before betting or depositing money in an account. Don’t forget to read about the methods for withdrawing money.

Another point to keep in mind is customer service. There are many platforms and online gambling sites that do not answer questions if people have technical issues playing a game or when they want to collect their winnings.

Bonus and welcome packs

Online gambling apps and platforms usually have a juicy welcome pack with bonus offers when people first sign up or, in some cases, make their first bet. 

All Australians have to do is look for the bonuses and compare the different online games and sites to detect what give them more benefits and rewards.

Classic and modern games

Online games are always up to date and most apps have strong graphic design and features. They also offer players classic slot games they may have enjoyed at their favourite land-based casino.

Australian players tend to like classic slot games with a small number of functions, a simple interface and the highest return to players (RTP).

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