Sega Sammy posts net sales of US$754m for Q2

Profits attributed to owners reached JPY17,259m (US$120m).
Profits attributed to owners reached JPY17,259m (US$120m).

Sega Sammy’s profits surged driven by strong sales from its pachislot and pachinko business.

Japan.- Sega Sammy has reported JPY17,259m (US$120m) in profits for the second quarter of the year. The figure was up 446.4 per cent when compared to last year, mainly attributed to sales growth in the pachislot and pachinko sector.

Net sales were JPY108,050m (US$754m) for the three months to June 2023, marking a 63.4 per cent increase when compared to last year. Pachislot and pachinko machine net sales reached JPY50,979m (US$556m), up 383 per cent. Ordinary income in this sector amounted to JPY21,836m (US$152.4m).

Profits attributed to owners reached JPY17,259m (US$120m) while the company’s operating income rose 712.2 per cent year-on-year to JPY 22,556m (US$157m). Beyond the gaming sector, the company reported that its Phoenix Seagaia Resort has seen a rebound from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Government-led initiatives to stimulate tourism have played a role, leading to steady growth in customer engagement. 

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