Philippines: two arrested during anti-gambling raids in Zamboanga

Police in Zamboanga del Sur carried out an anti-gambling campaign dubbed “Oplan Bolilyo.”
Police in Zamboanga del Sur carried out an anti-gambling campaign dubbed “Oplan Bolilyo.”

Police in Zamboanga del Sur have arrested two people in anti-gambling raids.

The Philippines.- Police in the Province of Zamboanga del Sur have made two arrests in operation Oplan Bolilyo targeting gambling activities. According to Sun Star, one of the suspects, Diosdado Antawag, was caught in the act of cashing in illegal money. Police seized a cell phone, betting money in cash of different denominations and gambling paraphernalia.

Meanwhile, Marymie Bacquial was allegedly caught collecting bets for an illegal numbers game. Police seized gambling money and gambling paraphernalia. The two men were reportedly taken to Provincial Field Office of CIDG-Zamboanga del Sur for documentation and corresponding actions.

Several weeks ago, police in Central Luzon carried out a series of operations, resulting in the arrest of 61 people suspected of involvement in illegal gambling. Police in Aurora arrested six people while they were playing a card game and four people in Angeles City for playing poker. Police seized money and gambling paraphernalia.

In Bucalan, eight people were arrested for playing card games and for illegal cockfighting. According to the Manila Bulletin, police seized a deck of cards, two fighting cocks and stakes of P1,540.

Meanwhile, Pampanga police arrested 27 people in connection with illegal cockfighting. They found 12 live cocks, 4 dead cocks, 19 hooks and a stake of P33,730. Eleven people were arrested in Tarlac for illegal card games. Three decks of playing cards and a stake of P1,150 were confiscated.

Finally, Two poker players were arrested in Zambales. Police seized one set of playing cards and bet money amounting to P537.

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