Over 60 casinos in Cambodia may not reopen

Over 60 casinos in Cambodia may not reopen

There have been permanent and temporary suspensions of staff, as well as closures in Sihanoukville.  

Cambodia.- Century Entertainment might not be the only casino moving out of Sihanoukville as new gaming laws are enforced in Cambodia.  

The Khmer Times has reported that 30 casinos in Sihanoukville have closed or suspended staff, while another 33 have announced temporary suspensions.  

Quoting a labour ministry source, it reported that the closures are not only results of the pandemic and related restrictions on international tourism, but were also provoked by a new ban on online gambling, enforced since January 1.  

Many local land-based casinos also offered online gambling services, and will no longer be able to do so, losing them custom from Chinese tourists who used to come to the coastal city to gamble.  

The Cambodian National Assembly has also passed a new law which imposes a new tax on gross gaming revenues.  

Casinos were closed in Cambodia on April 1 as part of efforts to contain the pandemic, and only 10 have officially reopened since they were allowed to do so in early July.  

Earlier this month, Century Entertainment International announced it has decided to move its gaming business out of Sihanoukville and into a complex in Dara Sakor, Koh Kong Province, after obtaining a better deal on a lease deal. 

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