Century to move Cambodian location again

Century to move Cambodian location again

The company is leaving Sihanoukville for good after signing a 15-year lease on another location. The casino will open in January 2021.  

Cambodia.- Century Entertainment International has announced it has found a second new location to which it will move the gaming machines it previously operated at Sihanoukville’s Sunshine Bay Hotel.  

In early August, the operator announced it would not renew its lease at the hotel and would move its business to Ming Guan Hotel under more favourable terms. 

But in a note to the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, the firm said its wholly-owned subsidiary, Lion King, has signed a lease with a new landlord, LongBay Entertainment, to move its operation at Dara Sakor, Koh Kong Province.  

The company said in the note that it “has been offered even more attractive terms for lease at a second new location” and has signed an agreement for a term from October 1, 2020, to September 30, 2035.  

The gaming floor will measure 10,500 square meters and hold 80 slot machines, 40 mass gaming tables and 55 VIP gaming tables. There will also be a Chinese restaurant, a spa and a night club.  

Century said: “The company has been advised by Lion King that the casino is expected to be re-opened by 31 January 2021.”  

Daka Sakor was recently in the news since the US Treasury Department has heavily sanctioned the Chinese state-owned resort and tourism complex developer which has rights to exploit land there. The US claims it has seized land under false pretences to turn it into a base for military purposes.   

But Century Entertainment describes Daka Sakor as “one of the most rapidly developing districts in Cambodia” and “a well-known tourism destination in Southeast Asia.”

It said the building in which the gaming machines will be placed is “surrounded by luxury hotel resorts and a golf course.”  

Century is also betting on the new international airport currently under construction, which is expected to be finished by the end of this year.  

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