Okada Manila to partner international IR brands

Okada Manila to partner international IR brands

Universal Entertainment met president Duterte and revealed plans for reaching an expansion based on the attraction of major brands.

Philippines.- Universal Entertainment revealed plans of its parent company Entertainment City, that rules IR Okada Manila, to expand the property attracting major international hotels brands.

Universal representative Director and President, Jun Fujimoto, recently met with Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte at Malacañang Palace, where Fujimoto outlined the progress of Phase 1 development of Okada Manila. He also exposed that it is expected to be completed in early 2020, and offered as well some insight into Phase 2, which is set to include a variety of real estate investments on land located next to the current site in Paranaque.

“At this stage, the base of our most leading IR business within the Asian market has almost been completed as the first phase,” Universal said.

“Going forward, in addition to plans to develop condominiums and other forms of real estate, we also have plans to collaborate with businesses with which we expect to have a synergy and entice major brand hotels.”

Universal also explained its broader IR vision to Duterte, confirming that it is “pushing forward with plans in the medical field in the form of an advanced clinical testing and medical care center with the implementation of the world’s cutting-edge testing and medical equipment in the field.”

An IR is “not just a simple casino business,” the company said. “Rather, it is a continually-expanding, integrated operation unified with peripheral development endeavors that uses a casino and other forms of large-scale entertainment as a base to elevate the value-added of the local area and city in question through promoting the high-end branding of dining and shopping as well as to bring in wide-ranging services from art and culture to advanced medical services.”

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