Okada Manila deploys robots for partial reopening

Okada Manila deploys robots for partial reopening

The casino is working at 30 per cent capacity and has invested in electrostatic sprayers, ultraviolet spotlights, and disinfection chambers.

Philippines.- Casino operator Okada Manila is using talking disinfection robots to help maintain safety protocols after the resort reopened last week.

The casino reopened last week with a 30 per cent capacity cap in all areas. 

Although operations are not fully functional yet, it has implemented a campaign dubded 3T or “True Clean. True Safe. True Heart” to help staff and guests follow Covid-19 protocols.  

Ivaylo S. Ivanov, senior vice president of hotel operations, said: “As a future-forward brand, Okada Manila is always at the forefront in implementing advanced technologies to keep the resort a delightful, safe place. 

“These robots are a great addition to our safety team, because they are very efficient. They can cover large public spaces on pre-programmed routes in high-traffic areas, as well as individual rooms and suites. They are fun and even capable of greeting guests.”  

In a release, the company said it is using the Ben Ben Robot to sanitise large rooms and areas. The technology is equipped with a high-intensity ultraviolet (UV-C) light that purges the DNA of viruses and bacteria.

It can also say a few words to people within its range and give out directions to key locations in the property.  

BJDG-XD100 disinfection robots are also being deployed to eliminate bacteria and viruses through misting or fogging.  

Okada Manila has also invested in electrostatic sprayers, ultraviolet spotlights, disinfection chambers for entrances and thermal scanners to monitor guest’s body temperature upon arrival. 

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