Okada appeal dismissed by Supreme Court in Japan

Kazuo Okada was convicted of committing fraud.
Kazuo Okada was convicted of committing fraud.

Former Universal Entertainment Corp chairman Kazuo Okada’s final appeal has been dismissed by the Supreme Court.

Japan.- Kazuo Okada, the founder of Universal Entertainment Corporation (UEC), has seen his appeal against a ruling that obliges him to pay damages to the company for fraud has been dismissed by the Supreme Court in Japan.

Okada had already appealed once against the judgment rendered by the Tokyo District Court on February 13, 2020, which accepted all claims made by Universal Entertainment as the plaintiff. 

At that time, Universal Entertainment stated that Okada was required to pay JPY21.3m ($200,000) in damages. The award was to cover the cost of a special investigation initiated by the group before he was expelled after it was determined he had committed “three frauds” against the company’s account.

In September, the Tokyo High Court dismissed Okada’s initial appeal on the grounds that his claims were objectively contrary to the facts. Okada’s attempt to return to the company board from which he was expelled in 2017 was also rejected.

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