Macau government seeks to prevent gaming influence in CE election

The next election is scheduled for August 2024.
The next election is scheduled for August 2024.

Macau’s new draft Law on the election of the chief executive introduces a regulation mandating gaming concessionaires’ neutrality during the process.

Macau.- Macau has published a draft law that requires neutrality from casino operators in the election of Macau’s chief executive. The law on the election of the chief executive is being revised ahead of elections in June 2024. The draft extends the neutrality rule already included in the Law on the Election of the Legislative Assembly.

Macau’s chief executive is elected through a 400-member election committee. The body has links to the gaming industry since Pansy Ho, Lawrence Ho, Angela Leong, Ambrose So and former casino owner Chan Meng Kam are members.

Pansy Ho is co-chairperson and managing director of MGM China. Her brother, Lawrence Ho, is chairman and CEO at Melco Resorts & Entertainment and Melco International Development. Angela Leong, wife of the late gaming mogul Stanley Ho, holds an automatic position on the Election Committee due to her legislative role.

Ambrose So, SJM’s former vice-chairman, CEO, and executive director, retired in June. Chan Meng Kam is a former owner of satellite casinos.

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