Macau gaming union proposes casino worker security fund

The proposal was made at the last public consultation session on gaming law.
The proposal was made at the last public consultation session on gaming law.

At the last public consultation session on Macau’s gaming laws, union leaders proposed the creation of a security fund for casino workers.

Macau.- A union of casino workers has submitted a proposal recommending the creation of a worker security fund. The idea was brought to the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ) last Friday when authorities in Macau held the last public consultation session on changes to gaming laws.

The proposal was made by Lawmaker Leong Sun Iok, Gaming Industry Employees Home chairman, alongside the association’s executive president Lei Kun Hei.

The last session on Macau’s gaming law changes was attended by members of the public, researchers and legal experts who raised questions on proposed requirements for operators to invest in non-gaming elements. There was also discussion of proposals to include “delegates” on Macau’s gaming concessions to allow greater checking on gaming firms.

Lio Chi Chong, DICJ deputy director, said: “The fact that there may or not be a Government representative it will not affect the business operations.”

Those who attended the meeting expressed concerns about the number and duration of future gaming concessions and proposed controls on dividend distribution. Another proposed change is to increase the percentage of share capital held by shareholders of Macau casino operators who are permanent residents.  

A few weeks ago, a Macau law firm questioned that proposal, arguing that “there is no legal framework to justify any intervention by the Macau authorities in the distribution of dividends from private companies.”

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