Macau could see up to 80% of its population infected with Covid-19

The city is undergoing a ‘gradual opening up’ to emerge from China’s Zero-Covid policy.
The city is undergoing a ‘gradual opening up’ to emerge from China’s Zero-Covid policy.

Elsie Ao Ieong U, secretary for social affairs and culture, said there could be an outbreak of Covid-19 cases after the easing of countermeasures.

Macau.- Elsie Ao Ieong U, Macau’s secretary for social affairs and culture, has warned that up to 80 per cent of the population could get Covid-19 after countermeasures are eased. Officials have announced a series of policy changes, including a general shift to rapid antigen tests instead of nucleic acid tests, quarantine at home and a reduction in testing requirements for people entering the city.

Anyone not entering from China will still be required to quarantine. However, the 5+3 policy indicates that after five days of quarantine, the person’s health code will turn yellow instead of red, which means they can enter more places.

Authorities indicated that they have prepared 600 hospital beds, 6,000 isolation treatment beds, 106 doctors and 89 nurses trained in treating Covid-19 cases and 139 ventilators to handle the situation.

Macau eases Covid-19 rules for casino staff

Authorities have announced that the interval between mandatory Covid-19 nucleic acid tests and rapid antigen tests for frontline casino staff has been extended from every two days to every three. The measure applies to table dealers, security guards and cleaners.

Workers must report test results to authorities for them to appear on their personal electronic health codes. Visitors from areas of mainland China considered “high risk” for the spread of Covid-19 must still complete a five-day hotel quarantine on arrival followed by a three-day quarantine at home or another hotel.

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