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IPI approaches former senator for CEO role

The former senator says he is still negotiating with the operator.
The former senator says he is still negotiating with the operator.

Former Norther Mariana Islands senator Ray N. Yumul say he in negotiations with the operator on the vacant CEO role.

Northern Mariana Islands.- Imperial Pacific International has approached the former Northern Mariana Island’s senator Ray N. Yumul to replace Donald Browne as chief executive officer (CEO).

Yumul told Mariana’s Variety that he had reached a verbal agreement with the casino operator but that negotiations were still ongoing.

In order to take up the role, Yumul would have to apply for a key-employee licence with the Commonwealth Casino Commission.

IPI’s last CEO, Donald Browne, resigned as of December 17, returning to his former position as security and surveillance leader at the company where he has spent the last six years.

He has briefly returned to the CEO role on an interim basis due to a request from the board to solve specific undisclosed issues.

Browne has told the media that before his resignation became effective he provided the company with a reopening plan for its casino in western Garapan.

Browne still has to appear in federal court today (Thursday) along with IPI’s chairman, Cui Li Jie. Chief judge Ramona V. Manglona said they will both be jailed if they fail to comply.

They will be questioned in connection with the US Department of Labor’s lawsuit against IPI.

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