Indian nightclub director arrested for alleged illegal gambling

Police seized 10 mobile phones and three laptops.
Police seized 10 mobile phones and three laptops.

The director of Shimmers in Chhattisgarh allegedly ran online betting services with Mahadev Book and Anna Reddy.

India.- Police in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, have arrested the director of a nightclub in Ama Seoni for allegedly operating illegal online betting with the Mahadev Book and Anna Reddy betting platforms. Police received a tip-off via Whatsapp.

Officers initially arrested one Sunny Prithvani but they says subsequent interrogation unveiled the alleged involvement of Nitin Motwani, also known as Cheeku, who runs the Shimmers nightclub. Raipur Police collaborated with their counterparts in Bilaspur, who arrested four people in New Delhi. Police also seized 10 mobile phones, three laptops and Wi-Fi dongles

According to G2G News, those involved are believed to have recruited unsuspecting persons, mainly young people, with false promises of important positions within an accounting and data entry company. They were then employed in illegal gambling.

A week ago, authorities in Adilabad, India, arrested three people for alleged illegal matka gambling. Those arrested, identified as Waseem Atthar and SK Jaleel from Adilabad town, along with Kanaka Santosh from Maharashtra’s Kinwat, were taken into custody after a tip-off.

Elsewhere in India, police arrested 23 people in Chhattisgarh, Odisha, and Andhra Pradesh as part of an operation against the illegal online betting platform Mahadev Book, According to reports, the police have frozen 150 accounts at 12 banks, together containing approximately Rs 45 lakh.

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