India: Tamil Madu told to control online gambling

India: Tamil Madu told to control online gambling

The Madras High Court has told the state government of Tamil Madu to enforce measures to control online gambling.

India.- The Tamil Madu state government has been ask to enforce measures on online gambling.

The Madras High Court has ordered the state to take measures such as blocking gaming websites to control the activity in the state, claiming that “parents have lost control of their children”.

During a hearing, judges voiced concerns that gambling could cause stress in children and young adults due to large losses. They also questioned police, claiming that officers only arrested poor people for gambling offenses but didn’t act in case of rich or influential gamblers.

The court has advised the Tamil Nadu government to take legislative measures to regulate the industry.

The Department of Telecommunications had told the court that it was not, on its own, authorised to block website URLs, except under direct instructions from the court or from the Ministry of Electronics and IT.

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