India: 6 arrested for allegedly running illegal betting app

Police seized a laptop, five mobiles and ATM cards.
Police seized a laptop, five mobiles and ATM cards.

Police in Durg say they have closed the 456th branch of the illegal betting app Mahadev Book.

India.- Police in Durg, Chhattisgarh, claim to have shut down the 456th branch of the illicit betting app, Mahadev Book. police arrested six people and seized a laptop, five mobile phones, ATM cards and bank passbooks. An unknown number of bank accounts have been frozen.

According to G2G News, police received a tip-off regarding Mahadev Book operations near Vivekananda Udyan in Bhilai’s Sector 1. Those arrested are said to have confessed to their involvement in illegal activities. They remain in custody, under the direction of SP Shalabh Kumar Sinha.

They are believed to have also operated the Goa branch of the betting app and were linked to a recent kidnapping. 

Earlier this month, police in Raipur, in the same state, arrested the director of a nightclub in Ama Seoni for allegedly operating illegal online betting with the Mahadev Book and Anna Reddy betting platforms.

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