Current Corp to enter Nagasaki IR race

Current Corp to enter Nagasaki IR race

Japanese IR investment firm Current joins the Nagasaki race to develop the city’s first ever integrated resort (IR).

Japan.- Current Corp presented as the second company to officially enter the race to develop an integrated resort in Nagasaki after Casinos Austria confirmed its participation earlier this week.

Current’s Director, Tamotsu Suzuki, revealed on Tuesday that the company would respond to the prefecture’s Request for Concept (RFC); “we hope to propose an IR that takes advantage of the beautiful Dutch-inspired area and also showcases the history of Nagasaki.”

Current described a total investment budget of €4,6 billion at a seminar held in Sasebo City last June. During the seminar, Suzuki added “this amount was calculated very carefully and also considered infrastructure improvements for transportation.”

The prefecture will start its RFC on November 1. Moreover, and after hearing plans from each of the IR operators, the public offering will officially begin next year; narrowing down to a single operator by autumn.

Finally, Nagasaki is hoping to develop its IR at Dutch-inspired theme park Huis Ten Bosch; and it has already cemented a deal to purchase land from the theme park’s operators should they receive the green light by the national government.

In addition to Current, Suzuki also serves as director of two companies in Yokohama city and Shizuoka city, and one company in Hong Kong.

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