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Another Indian state seeks to ban online gambling

Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu have already banned online gaming.
Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu have already banned online gaming.

The Rajasthan state government is considering amending its 1949 Public Gambling Ordinance to ban online gambling.

India.- Rajasthan look set to be the next state in India to amend its legislation to ban online gambling.

The southern state of Kerala took the decision to ban online rummy earier this week. Now Rajasthan in the north plans to make online gambling a cognisable offence.

The state government intends to introduce strict penal provisions including a jail term and steep fines.

The Rajasthan Public Gambling Ordinance 1949, is likely to be amended through a new bill that is currently being prepared for presentation to a state assembly session.

Police officials in the state have said that each year they register over 50,000 cases under the Gambling Act and make thousands of arrests but that, under the current law, offenders are released as there is no provision for punishment.

The new law distinguishes skill games from games of chance or combined games of skill and chance, unless it is carried out in a gaming house.

Other Indian states that have taken measures against online gambling include Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, which have already banned all forms of gaming that involve stakes.

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