Agra police block 27 illegal gambling websites

Agra police block 27 illegal gambling websites

Police have arrested three men, including a bank employee.

India.- Agra police have announced that they have blocked 27 illegal gaming websites that they say had been channelling money overseas using cryptocurrencies, the dark web and various payment gateways. The operation has resulted in the arrest of three people, including a bank employee, and the blocking of 7,000 ‘mule’ accounts.

The investigation was initiated following a complaint from an OTT (over-the-top) platform, which reported data theft and misuse of its content, including sports-related material. Police say they uncovered an illegal betting network. Some suspects are believed to be from Telangana, and authorities plan to seek cooperation from central agencies to apprehend additional suspects.

Police say the operation had connections to foreign servers. Agra Police commissioner Dr Preetinder Singh told The Hindustan Times: “Money was siphoned off to other countries through cryptocurrencies or by using the dark web and other payment gateways that are otherwise tough to trace…”

The breakthrough in the case is said to have come when the Agra Police cyber cell infiltrated one of the platforms as a user. Dr Singh says its actions prevented 15 lakh Indian citizens from falling victim to the illegal betting scheme. Most betting revolved around cricket, football, rugby and basketball.

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