Modified Alabama lottery bill gains momentum

Alabama lottery bill gains momentum

The modified Alabama lottery bill moves forward in the Legislature.

A House committee will consider the new Alabama lottery legislation, which passed the Senate just a few days ago.

US.- The gaming industry continues to grow as regulation updates get passed. That’s why the Alabama lottery bill that passed the Senate in April is gaining momentum and reached a House committee.

The House Economic Development and Tourism Committee heard details of a substitute plan for the bill. It was crafted by Rep. Steve Clouse and committee members will vote on it next week.

The new Alabama lottery plan sends 75% of proceeds to the general fund and 25% to the education budget.

According to Clouse, the state has pressing budget needs. He advanced a potential close House vote. The bill will most likely face opposition from anti-gambling lawmakers and others who want video-lottery terminals as well.

The Senate vote

The State Senate passed late in April a constitutional amendment that calls for a statewide vote on an Alabama lottery. Senate Bill 220 puts the question of establishing a lottery on the ballot in next March’s presidential primary.

The bill passed 21-12, which was the minimum required to obtain a Senate passage. The vote came after more than three hours of floor debate and deliberation over the lottery bill amendment.

Sen. Greg Albritton, who sponsored the bill, said: “I’m pleased, a little surprised, and grateful it’s over,” Albritton said. “I came in fully anticipating this to be a very, very close vote, but we never had 21 votes in our head counts. I hope the House takes it as it is. I took a number of amendments, but most of those were supporting the direction we wanted to move.”

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