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Washington DC Lottery Director speaks about Sports betting

DC sports betting won't launch early in September as the government wanted. Credits: reviewjournal.com

Legalised sports betting in Washington D.C. won’t be ready in time for the American football season as the authorities had originally planned.

US.- The sports betting industry will soon launch in Washington D.C., but not as soon as the authorities wanted. They intended to get the segment ready by the NFL season, in September, but it seems that won’t happen.

As businesses are still adapting and officials work on regulations, sports betting will launch later than expected.

“I don’t know how long… that will throw off the launch,” said Beth Bresnahan, executive director of the D.C. Lottery. “But it’s important to know that we want to ensure we are responding to comments and concerns.”

“In terms of capturing all of the illegal market, I don’t think that any jurisdiction can say that they can successfully do that 100%,” Bresnahan said. “But we are going to work to put forth an entertaining and competitive product that captures a large market share.”


Sports betting is pushing the gaming market to the next level in the US as it posts astonishing figures. However, D.C. sports betting will rake less money than expected, as the government was a bit too optimistic about it.

According to Beth Bresnahan, director of the D.C. Lottery, revenue projections were a bit too high for the next 15 months. The lottery cut projections down by US$16 million, the official told a D.C. Council committee this week.

As quoted by The Washington Post, D.C.’s sports betting operation will just earn US$750k this financial year. It will also generate a further US$17.1 million during the next year but will be short of initial expectations.

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