Sands faces new trial on Macau opening

Sands faces new trial on Macau opening
A new trial is needed to determine how much must Sands pay to Mr. Suen.

The casino developer is facing a major trial over a company which helped it open up its first venue in Macau and is suing for US$328 million.

US.- A Nevada jury will decide whether Las Vegas Sands owes Richard Suen US$328 million after he helped it land in Macau. The businessman is suing the operator, arguing he and his company, Round Square Co, introduced Sands executives to Chinese officials which ultimately led to them getting the Macanese licence.

Sands has already lost two previous trials in which they argued they owe nothing to Mr. Suen, and has now put the amount at US$1 million.

Suen has also already won US$44 million in 2008 and US$70 million in 2013 as he claimed that the casino giant had promised him US$5 million plus 2% of Sands’ Macau profits for providing the key introduction.

However, even as the Nevada Supreme Court upheld findings that Sands and the company is liable for damages after the businessman and his company were crucial for their licence in Macau, they ruled a further trial was needed to set the amount of the damages.

Still, even when the jury sets the amount, Sands will be able (and will, most likely) to appeal the decision.

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