Professional sports leagues demand new law

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Sports betting is getting legalised across several states after PASPA got revoked. Credits:

Representatives of the sports industry now want an official regulation for sports betting operations.

US.- As the US Supreme Court has legalised the sports betting industry by ruling in favour of New Jersey State that demanded an amendment for the PASPA law, representatives of the professional sports industry suggested that the Congress should introduce a bill formally regulating the legal sports betting market.

“The challenge for us is to make sure that whether it’s a uniform federal scheme – which we think would be the best, certainly the easiest to operate in – or 50 state schemes, those laws develop in a way that allows us to protect the integrity of the sport,” said Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred last Monday.

Manfred offered a press conference during the National Press Club this week addressing the upcoming sports betting market throughout the United States. The MLB official said that under the Congress’ bill, professional sports leagues should have the “power to police” the legal sports betting operations.

“Sports betting can be a great source of fan engagement,” he said. “The trick for us is to take advantage of the opportunity to drive fan engagement without letting gambling be too pervasive in the sport.”

And he added: “That’s the challenge: We need to make sure the legislation gives us an opportunity to defend our integrity in the way that we need to do.”

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