Montana Lottery rules out sports betting challenge

The Montana Lottery serves as regulator of sports betting in the state.
The Montana Lottery serves as regulator of sports betting in the state.

A judge overturned the lottery’s decision that sports betting can only be offered in establishments with alcohol licences.

US.- The Montana Lottery has said it will not appeal a judge’s ruling that opens up sports betting to businesses without an alcohol licence.

Sports betting was legalised in Montana in 2019 with the Montana Lottery as its regulator. The lottery initially decided that only businesses with an alcohol licence could offer the vertical.

Attorney Lyndon Scheveck filed a lawsuit against that decision through the Billings-based investment company called Arete Group, saying he intended to open a business which offered sports betting.

In October, Judge Kathy Seeley ruled that the Montana Lottery did not act in accordance with lawmakers’ intent when it required operators to hold alcohol licences.

Judge Seeley wrote “If the Legislature intended to limit sports wagering facilities in this way, the Legislature could have done so. The Court will not insert a provision that the Legislature omitted.”

The Montana Lottery has now decided that it will not appearl the decision.

Lottery spokeswoman, Jennifer McKee, said: “Removing one section of just one part of our licensing requirements doesn’t meaningfully disrupt the entire foundation.”