Local DA calls for gambling machine ban in Georgia

The Macon Judicial Circuit District Attorney called for a gambling machine ban in Georgia to fight problem gambling.

US.- Gambling machines are usually targeted as most responsible for problem gambling. That’s why Macon Judicial Circuit District Attorney David Cooke called on a gambling machine ban in Georgia.

“As DA, there’s a lot I can do once we have sued or indicted individual store and machine owners who have violated the law,” Cooke said in a press conference. “But this problem will not go away until the legislature acts to ban these machines that are wreaking havoc in our communities.”

The DA also said the machines contribute to behavioural addictions and target “the most vulnerable in the community.”

“Any massive industry that relies on addicts’ dependence for profit is a cancer on our society,” he added.

Commercial gambling machines are one of the few ways to gamble in the state, at least for now.

Legislation pushes

Georgia is just yet another state among dozens looking to regulate the segment but is one of the most recent administrations to move forward with the discussion, while it also looks into casino and lottery legalisation.

A few days ago, House Resolution 380 was introduced in the House of Representatives in order to take the first step to get sports betting up and running. Should it ultimately succeed, it would lead to a vote and let Georgians decide whether they want to amend the state constitution to allow lawmakers to draft sports betting legislation.

HR 380 is sponsored by a bipartisan group of six representatives and states: “Proposing an amendment to the Constitution so as to authorize the General Assembly to provide by law for sports betting; to provide for the disposition of licensing and taxation revenues from such activities; to provide for related matters; to provide for the submission of this amendment for ratification or rejection; and for other purposes.”

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