Churches fund billboards opposing Virginia casino

Churches are campaigning against the casino proposal.
Churches are campaigning against the casino proposal.

Citizens in Virginia, will have the chance to vote on the proposed casino project on November 3.

US.- A group of churches in Virginia has funded a series of billboards aiming to influence voters to reject a new casino proposal on the November 3 ballot.

The Hard Rock casino development is proposed for a vacant shopping centre in the city of Bristol, Virginia.

One of the billboards read in large black type: “What would Jesus do? He would definitely vote no on the casino referendum.” 

Among the churches that funded the billboards are Fellowship Chapel, Belle Meadows Baptist and Throne of Grace Baptist Tabernacle.

The pastor of the Fellowship Chapel, Scott Price, told local media: “I can’t see anything good, long-term, coming from a casino.”

But many have shown support for the development. A campaign group in favour of the development has sent mailers to city residents, placed signs in businesses and yards, bought advertising and announced a group of around 30 small businesses that support the project.

If given the green light, the Hard Rock International casino could potentially bring thousands of visitors to the area and generate thousands of jobs and extra tax revenues.