Zhuhai keeps 14-day quarantine for inbound travellers from Macau

Macau has registered new local Covid-19 cases in the past week.
Macau has registered new local Covid-19 cases in the past week.

Although the inbound quarantine in Zhuhai was to end on October 1, authorities have decided to keep it in place until further notice.

China.- Authorities in the city of Zhuhai have announced that the mandatory 14-day quarantine for visitors from Macau will be kept in place due to new Covid-19 cases in Macau in the past week.

Although Zhuhai is one of the main gateways to Macau for mainland China visitors, Ho Iat Seng, Macau’s Chief Executive has said that an end to the inbound quarantine in Zhuhai would not be a “major assistance” for Macau’s tourism sector.

Macau authorities were highly expectant about October’s Golden Week. However, local Covid-19 cases have put a dampener on predictions that the city could receive 40,000 daily visitors during the holiday period. Analysts at JP Morgan Securities believe the October Golden Week will be deeply affected by new countermeasures.

They said: “While there’s still a possibility that travel restrictions could be lifted before/during Golden Week, we think it’s a foregone conclusion that it will be an ungolden holiday, as many players are likely to cancel the trips to avoid risks of being quarantined upon their return to the mainland.”

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